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streamlining wages & payroll

Simplified time tracking


Live reports

Accurate logs

Easy to use

Decluttering your time tracking to increase the speed & accuracy of paying wages.

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View your dashboard and insights in real-time.

Easy-to-use app & dashboard

Automated Overtime rates

Predefine overtime rules and rates to track extra hours and automatically view additional wages.

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keep track of absenteeism

Track absenteeism and sick leave through consistent and reliable attendance tracking.

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Full view on your workforce

Get powerful and clear insights on hours worked across locations, employees, overtime, absenteeism and wages.

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Your reliable Time Tracking tool

Never worry about the accuracy of hours or wages again

To-the-minute tracking

Ensure accuracy within your payroll systems with time tracking down to the minute.

Automated wages

Let WorkWeek run the calculations for you - including absenteeism and overtime hours.

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A selfie clocks your employees in and out.
Full view on your workforce

Forget about fraud

With each selfie taken, photo verification and a GPS and time stamp are recorded to your dashboard - so you get a full view of the true hours logged by your workforce.

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Save up to 75% on time tracking

Ditch the hardware & software costs

Because you only need one smartphone (this can even be an employee's phone) and no software - we keep your costs low.

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