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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need more than one smartphone on site?

Not at all! You only need one smartphone on-site to clock everyone in and out.

Do I need any other hardware or software?

Definitely not. We pride ourselves on the fact that you only need one smartphone and the WorkWeek application to get accurate time tracking.

How many locations / sites can I add on WorkWeek?

As many as you like! Our pricing is based on the number of employees, not the number of locations.

How are you sure it's fraud-proof?

It's pretty hard to fake a personal selfie, if you ask us... Your employees cannot access any previous images in the smartphone's gallery when using the photo-verification feature (which also logs the time and GPS geolocation tag).

How does your pricing work?

We base our pricing model in tiers, which you can view here.

How many locations can I add?

You can add unlimited worksite locations on WorkWeek. All you have to do is log into your dashboard, click "Sites" and add as many as you need. All you need are their GPS co-ordinates.

How do I add or remove employees?

On your WorkWeek dashboard, you can add or remove employees with the click of a button. All you need are your employees' hourly rate and any other identification codes. By navigating to the "Employees" navigation bar - you can add and remove employees as you go.

However, please note that there is a limit to the number of employees you can have on your dashboard (based on your pricing plan).

What insights can I see on the dashboard?

Your dashboard delivers insights on individual employee's and total employees' wages and hours. This includes insights on overtime hours and total wages per site, as well as across sites.

How often does the dashboard update?

Because this is a cloud-based application, your dashboard is always up to date with the latest hours and wages of your employees. So you can see your insights in real-time.

Do I need data when using WorkWeek?

Yes. Unfortunately, our application is not yet data-free. However, we're working towards a data-free application!

What payroll integrations does WorkWeek offer?

We offer an easy-to-export CSV download so you can quickly import hours & wages into your chosen payroll software.

How are employee wages calculated? 

Based on hours clocked and rates per employee, WorkWeek automates the wages owed per employee and across your workforce.

Can I see employee hours & wages in real-time?

Yes you can! Because WorkWeek is cloud-based, you can see your employees' most current hours and wages.

Can I update my employees' hourly wages on WorkWeek?

Yes. As and when any hourly wages change, you can update your dashboard and, in turn,  payroll calculations.

How is WorkWeek's payroll service better than timesheets or biometrics?

There are various reasons we believe WorkWeek offers the ideal solution for accurate payroll. Not only is the WorkWeek dashboard highly accurate in recording hours worked - it quickly calculates your wages for you, without any additional software. So you can rest assured that the wages you're paying are correct and up-to-date.

And, you can even view these hours and wages it in real-time from your own device (phone; laptop; tablet etc.).