Starting a Business with No Capital

Many people dream of being successful entrepreneurs, but if you do not have the funding, starting a business with no capital can be daunting. There are, however, several ways you can start your business if you do not have access to funds. Most entrepreneurs who start new businesses without capital of their own will apply for a loan from a financial service provider or will approach potential … [Read More...]

Shark Attacks off Cape Town Beaches

There have been several incidents of shark attacks off Cape Town beaches this year alone. Making sure you enter the sea in the right places, at the right times, follow all the rules of the life guards watching over you and understand the things that are likely to attract sharks will help you avoid becoming a victim.   Shark attacks off Cape Town beaches According to the South African … [Read More...]

Create a Facebook Business Fan Page

When you create a Facebook business fan page, you will find by doing this, you are creating a go-to destination for your enterprise. This creates a brand presence. It also gives you an opportunity to promote your company and business and also gives you a chance to get to know your customers. When you create a fan page for your business, you will be: communicating with customers, you will get an … [Read More...]

Chicken Farm Business Opportunities

There are many chicken farm business opportunities available that you can look into, but it all depends on what exactly you would like to do. There are a few things that you need to learn about chickens first and it is not about eating it that will educate you. Chickens will eat anything. Well, almost. This means that you need to consider serious sanitary measures otherwise it will be gross to … [Read More...]

Laws on Car Repossession

Laws on car repossession are fairly unknown which may lead to more and more people having their vehicles repossessed without fully understanding why. These laws are important especially if you have fallen behind on a payment. The general law is as follows: Whenever someone purchases a car by means of a loan, the borrower is entering in to a contract with the individual or financial provider who … [Read More...]